My vision & misson is being a driving force, bringing this revolutionary technology to humanity. Working with everyday people, and enhancing the lives of many with this unique innovation enhancing Cellular Health by ASEA.


My name is Fiona Mary Berry orginally from Derby, England and for the past 19 years living in Sydney, Australia, so I comically sit on the fence whenever international sport is played, as I love both countries.  I love adventure, exude a joy of life, call myself ''Dominio Fee'', as my superpower in life is being lucky.  I am a passionate driving force to being part of bringing this revolutionary Health technology to my community,  helping everyday people enhance their lives with helping their Cellular Health improve with ASEA. 

My key principles that I stand for :

Quality                          Never sell anything I have to apologise for its quality later!

Integrity                        If I genuinely cannot help, I’ll  say so!

Gratitude                      I am one of the lucky ones in this world, but more importantly,  I’d like to share this perspective on life with my community.

Drive innovation          Drive and encourage the acceptance of this technology to help improve the lives of many

Self improvement        Continual learning


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